The Chef

My friend T sent me a gif search website and I’ve spent the past hour looking for the perfect one to sum up how I feel about this date. I’d say this one is pretty accurate.


The word I’m looking for is giddy I think? I try not to get too excited post-first dates because sometimes it doesn’t work out but heck, I am excited.

I won’t go too much into details as I’m hoping for more dates (!!) but it was a fun and easy date with great conversation. Wore my Joe Fresh nautical sweater dress with flats which I think served me well. I almost opted for wedges but thank god I didn’t because we walked from the Drake to Queen station after drinks.

I have a few dating rules I try to stick to, one is a “Two Drink First Date” rule. Even though we could have talked all night I managed to keep it at 2. That and it was a school night.

Anywho, boys’ got a good list of pro’s:

– Suuuuper cute

– Great job, well established

– Can hold a conversation but also asked about me and showed interest

– Made me laugh

– Has his own place (I don’t want to sound judgemental but this is kind of a big deal)

– Comes from a good family (Again, I try not to judge and it’s not always an indicator but in my experience this indicates something)

– Did I mention how cute he is?!



– A

 UPDATE: Second date scheduled for Saturday! Stay tuned. (**Happy Dance**)


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