Friday Favourites

Happy Friday! Sorry I’ve been MIA, real life gets busy sometimes. But I do have a new date story coming your way early next week! For now, here are my Friday Favourites.

In defense of a picky dater. I like this.

Don’t worry….


Rant of the Week

WHAT is with people in the city doing cocaine these days?! My profiles all say I don’t do drugs. Do I need to explicitly say that I won’t date someone who does them too?? I must have a type. Beards, tattoos, coke.

18 Rules for being a good dater (or decent human being) in 2014: I wish more people would be decent enough to follow them. Not interested? Say so. The end.


My feelings exactly on “nice guys”.

Wishing I lived in Oklahoma City so I could match with this guy, seriously.

Happy Weekend!

– A


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