Guest Post: Strike 3 and You’re Out!

T is an online dating graduate and good friend of mine. She often puts up with listens to my dating shenanigans and doles out sage advice. Without further adieu, our first guest post:

I had my stint with online dating before meeting my current boyfriend of one year (thank you Tinder!) and I have a few tales about bullets dodged. This guy was 0 for 3 on our first and only date, so we’ll start with him.
I met him on POF during the first year I moved to Toronto. It was my first real date since university and I was stoked! We were going to meet at C’est What downtown (great place for a date by the way!) and grab some dinner and drinks. All seemed well at first. He was as cute as his picture, funny, and confident.
We sat down to dinner and here arose strike one: “I’m a little strapped for cash. Maybe we can split the bill.” Now, I’m fine for splitting bills, but I always think it’s nice for the gentleman to at least offer on the first date. The offer alone is nice! If he wasn’t able to offer to pay, why didn’t he suggest we just grab coffee or a drink? I know this is a touchy subject with many – why should the guy pay on the first date? Why was his honesty and suggestion a strike? Valid questions, but I like what I like and I want what I want, as do the rest of y’all, so this, to me, seemed a little off putting.
On to strike two. After fairly alright dinner conversation and a poorly played game of pool, we decided to go for a walk and he offered to walk me home – very nice and chivalrous. Not so nice and chivalrous, the rather surprising and inappropriate question “What size is your bra?” and, before I could think of what to say, the even more surprising and loads more inappropriate reach and grab for the gals as we walked along a busy sidewalk downtown. I tried to laugh it off (silly 22 year old, naïve T. Ladies, if someone takes advantage of you like that, don’t laugh it off. Get right in his grill about respect and how violating you is not acceptable) and continued on with the walk.
At the next lights, the third and final strike. Dude whips out his phone and asks if I want to see his muscles. Before I could answer (he was big on that), he’s showing me a pic of him from the neck down in front of a mirror in a shiny blue Speedo. Allllrrrighty then. No second date there! He tried to talk with me more online and asked if we could have a rematch at pool. I said I wasn’t interested in a date, but if he wanted to go as friends I’d be all for it. Never heard from him again. *Phew*
– T