What to Wear When it’s Hella Hot Out

While it hasn’t exactly been a scorcher of a summer here in Toronto, yesterday was one of those heat alert days! What’s a girl to do when it’s a hot summer day and she has a hot date?!

If you’re ballsy enough to go to the beach for a date, (you sexy minx, you!) wear a cute suit and cool off in the water. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

If you’re super confident, how about a loose crop top and cut-offs for a casual date?¬†Those damn¬†thighs are gonna rub no matter what you wear, am I right? Want to cover up a bit more? Loose fitting top tucked in a bit with cut-offs works just as well!

Ladies, MAXI DRESSES! They are like pajamas but you still look fancy. Just go with a pattern or a darker colour to hide the under boob sweat, k?

Or if you’re short like me and feel frumpy in a maxi, try something short. The less form fitting the better.

You’re welcome!

– A