The Chef – Part 2

It’s Friday and I’m clearly not going to be very productive at work so….

Part Deux of The Chef.


Well ladies and gents. There was, in fact, a second date with The Chef last weekend.

On our first date I mentioned my love of brunch and so when he asked to go out on Sunday, he suggested it. The plan was Bonjour Brioche (my fav!) but it was packed when we got there so, both starving, we strolled over to Joy Bistro‘s outdoor patio instead.

It’s a cute place for a date. Conversation flowed freely. He’s such an easy going, laid back kind of person I really felt at ease. Like the last date, we left and went for a walk and without really realizing the time or how far we’d gone, we ended up back at Yonge Street. We decided to grab a drink since we didn’t have any other real plans for the day (love day dates for this!) and headed over to The Beverley Hotel‘s rooftop patio.

I highly recommend this as a date spot but if you recall last Sunday in Toronto, it was SWELTERING. I was wearing shorts and a loose cotton button down and I was dripping. By the time we got to the patio, he had visible forehead sweat and I was very thankful I had brought my makeup bag. If you’ve ever been to this patio, you’ll know it has some lounging couches which would be perfect for cozying up to your date except HOLY HELL, I didn’t want to be touched. (even though I really did)


Anywho, after drinks (and melting into the couch) we peeled ourselves off and walked around a bit more, stopping at a few places on the way back to the subway. And this is where we shared our second movie kiss. If you don’t know what a movie kiss is, think about those first episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. (YA!)

No new news on a THIRD date but work for him has been crazy (actually) so I’m playing it cool (ha!)


– A


What to Wear When it’s Hella Hot Out

While it hasn’t exactly been a scorcher of a summer here in Toronto, yesterday was one of those heat alert days! What’s a girl to do when it’s a hot summer day and she has a hot date?!

If you’re ballsy enough to go to the beach for a date, (you sexy minx, you!) wear a cute suit and cool off in the water. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

If you’re super confident, how about a loose crop top and cut-offs for a casual date? Those damn thighs are gonna rub no matter what you wear, am I right? Want to cover up a bit more? Loose fitting top tucked in a bit with cut-offs works just as well!

Ladies, MAXI DRESSES! They are like pajamas but you still look fancy. Just go with a pattern or a darker colour to hide the under boob sweat, k?

Or if you’re short like me and feel frumpy in a maxi, try something short. The less form fitting the better.

You’re welcome!

– A